Why do people who are successful ask for support? It’s a sign of strength, not weakness.

A Coach is your trusted Advisor, Ally and Partner, providing solutions and supporting and guiding you to take control of your career to set and realize your goals.

For Marshal Backlar, Coaching is Results Partnering. It leads individuals to

• Master challenges
• Optimize potential
• Make successful career moves

Coaching is outcomes based, and responds to the need for organizations to retain and develop talent in a competitive and changing marketplace, addressing performance and effectiveness issues in a direct, personal and successful way - always with the objective of Quantifiable Results and Performance Excellence.

For Executives, coaching is about a trusted partnership that results in greater career success, performance and acceleration. Areas such as Strengthening Leadership - Impactful Communication - Presentation Skills - Team Building - Strategic Focus - Performance Smarts can be part of the equation.


The 6 Step process includes

1. Trust building and needs determination
2. Personalized 360° assessment
3. Development of your Personal Action Plan Roadmap
4. Roll out of Action Plan and Monitoring
5. Addressing additional immediate challenges
6. Reevaluation and conclusion

Professional Career Advancement includes

• Developing a Career Strategy and Roadmap
• Defining key challenges and solutions
• Roll out of Roadmap to achieve identifiable goals
• Creating a Personal Brand
• Networking Strategy

Target an individual’s unique value and potential includes

• Resume
• Highlights Letter
• Career Change
• Interviewing
• Career Strategy
• Next Steps
• How to be a Solution
• Analysis and Decisions for Starting a New Business


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